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Standard 1" filters

FilterEasy offers a wide variety of sizes ranging from 1” to 5” thick. We list our most common sizes on our site, but offer thousands of other sizes too!  FilterEasy even manufactures custom filters for those ‘hard to find’ sizes.

Stocked 1" filter sizes:

8x24x1, 10x10x1, 10x20x1, 10x24x1, 10x30x1, 12x12x1, 12x18x1, 12x20x1, 12x24x1, 12x30x1, 12x36x1, 14x14x1, 14x18x1, 14x20x1, 14x24x1, 14x25x1, 14x30x1, 15x20x1, 15x30x1, 16x16x1, 16x20x1, 16x24x1, 16x25x1, 16x30x1, 17x29x1, 17.5x17.5x1, 17.5x23.5x1, 18x18x1, 18x20x1, 18x24x1, 18x25x1, 18x30x1, 18x36x1, 20x20x1, 20x22x1, 20x24x1, 20x25x1, 20x30x1, 20x36x1, 21x21x1, 21x22x1, 22x22x1, 23.5x23.5x1, 24x24x1, 24x30x1, 24x36x1, 25x25x1, and 25x30x1

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Special order 1" and 2" Filters

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Stocked 2" filter sizes:

10X20X2, 12X12X2, 12X20X2, 12X24X2, 14X20X2, 14X25X2, 15X20X2, 16X16X2, 16X20X2, 16X24X2, 16X25X2, 18x18x2, 18X20X2, 18X24X2, 18X25X2, 20X20X2, 20X24X2, 20X25X2, 20X30X2, 24X24X2, 25X25X2

Custom 2" filter sizes:

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Whole House Filters (3", 4", 5", and 6" filters) 

We have a variety of air filters made by the following manufacturers:

Amana, Aprilaire, Space-Gard, Bryant, Carrier, Coleman, Comfort Clean, Electro-Air, Emerson, Fast, Five Seasons, General Aire, Goodman, Honeywell, Janitrol, Lennox, Nordyne, Rheem, Ruud, Skuttle, Totaline, Trane, American Standard, Trion AirBear, Ultravation, WhiteRogers, and York. 

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 Request a whole house filter 

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