What is MERV? Is It the same as MPR and FPR?

Our filters are rated through the MERV system, a universal rating tool that measures the size of particles that can fit through a filter media. Essentially, a filter with a higher MERV rating allows smaller particles to pass through. So the higher the rating, the better the filtration, and the cleaner the air.

The specific MERV ratings for FilterEasy filters are:

  • LiteAllergen: MERV 8 - blocks particles = 3.0–10.0 μm (1000 MPR, FPR= 7/Red)
  • MicroAllergen: MERV 10 - blocks particles = 1.0–3.0 μm (1900 MPR, FPR= 9/Purple)
  • SuperAllergen: MERV 13 - blocks particles = 0.3–1.0 μm (2200 MPR, FPR= 10/Black)

MPR (Micro-Particle Performance Rating) is a rating system developed by 3M. It rates the manufacturer’s filters and their ability to capture airborne particles smaller than 1 micron.

FPR (Filter Performance Rating) is a rating system developed by The Home Depot for brands sold through their stores, including Honeywell. It utilizes a color and number scale from 4 to 10 that closely resembles MERV rating.


8 1000 7/Red Dust, Pollen, Mold, Dust Mites, Lint, Bacteria
10 1900 9/ Purple Above +  Pet Dander
13 2200 10/Black Above + Virus Carrier, Odors, and Smoke, 

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