Why Was I Charged $1 on My New Account?

When your account is created, you may notice a $1 authorization on your card. This authorization is issued by our payment service, Stripe, and is not a charge. Rather, this amount is authorized so that the card's information can be validated without placing a hold on your debit or credit card account.

Since this transaction is only used to check that your card information is valid, the $1 amount will be automatically refunded to your account shortly after being issued. Depending on your bank, the turnaround time on this process can range from a few minutes to a few weeks. However, in the majority of cases, your $1 will be freed up and back in your account within 1 to 5 business days.

Worry not, though! The authorization process has no bearing on your fulfillment or shipping time. So even if your bank is one of the few for whom this process takes a week or more, your order will not be held up during that time.

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